This article is a bit outdated, but you may still find it useful. Be sure to read the latest information on the Utility Scale live and forecast product page

Across the lifetime of a solar farm asset, solar data services, including both historical (estimated actuals) and forecast information, are a critical part of its planning, deployment and operation.  Our utility scale solar farm data products are built to enable our users to access the data they require, quickly and easily, no matter where they fall on this data pipeline.  

Proven customer use cases include:

  • Solar farm operators reducing their market penalties and curtailment with our rapid-update (10-15 minute) utility scale solar farm forecasting product

  • O&M providers accessing our high quality estimated actuals (historical data) services for onsite weather station validation or power plant modeling purposes

  • Energy market operators modelling future solar farm uptake scenarios, and then grouping solar farm forecasts over a set region for load forecasting when penetrations rise

  • Network service providers reviewing utility scale solar farm connection agreement with  high-resolution historical data (5-10 minute)  

  • Energy retailers applying Solcast 0-7 day solar farm forecasting for the smart management of attached storage devices. 

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