How to: Utility Scale Solar Farm Forecasting 

If you've decided to try out our utility scale solar farm forecasting product, there are several, easy-to-follow steps for getting started.

Soon, you'll be able to complete this process via our webpage, but for now, you'll need to send us a few emails or use the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen. 

Accessing rapid-update solar farm forecasting

There are 6 steps to unlocking all of the features in the utility scale solar farm forecasting product.  Only the first three are required. The last three are optional.

  1. Register for the Solcast API 

The below instructions are still useful, but are now deprecated thanks to our API Toolkit.  Login to the API Toolkit in order to easily and quickly set-up new Utility Scale solar farm forecasting sites.

  1. Provide us with basic information about your solar farm
  2. Learn how to access your solar farm forecasting data 
  3. Sharing measurement data from your solar farm to enable our tuning technology
  4. Setting up automated POSTing of solar farm measurements for regular tuning updates
  5. Accessing additional solar farm features for super-rapid update forecasts
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