Is your service available in my area? YES!

At Solcast, our transformative purpose is centered on making high quality solar data services easy to access, for anyone who needs them.  In order to build the solar powered future, we need to enable everyone on this planet to access the data services they require to complete their solar mission. And that is why our data services are global!

We use a fleet of weather satellites orbiting the planet

Using a fleet of five weather satellites and a growing suite of numerical weather models, Solcast generates over six billion forecasts every hour over a comprehensive global network with rapid-update coverage.  In our rapid-update regions (check out our coverage map!) our forecasting data updates every 10 or 15 minutes at 1-2km2 spatial resolution, and is available on all continents except Antarctica (our apologies to any offended intrepid polar explorers!).


Image description:  Solcast’s network of five weather satellites offers global coverage with our rapid-update forecasting products and estimated actuals. Orange regions indicate 15 minute update cycles, blue regions have 10 minute update cycles, grey regions have 30 minutes updates.  Outside of these regions, forecasts are still available, and for major island solar projects we'll consider adding new satellite coverage.

No Hassles: Our data is consistent across the globe

With this global data coverage, you can expect our solar data to look and behave the same way, regardless of where you are.  Our aim to enable you to use the same solar data service for your first project in an overseas market, using the same technology as your home market without any hassle.  We have taken on the task of dealing with differing input data sources across regions, so that they data quality you experience is similar whether your projects are in Japan and Jamaica, or India and Indonesia.

So, We’ve got you covered, no matter where your solar mission takes you! 

 You can instantly get started on evaluation of our global coverage of rapid update forecasting or our estimated actuals (recent historical data) by signing up for our API service.  Within minutes, you’ll have access to our comprehensive forecasting tools with little hassle and no upfront costs to trial.  But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!

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