Rooftop solar is the fast growing market segment globally, making forecasting its power output highly valuable

The most rapidly growing segment of the solar market globally is the small and medium scale solar PV installations appearing on rooftops all around the world.  Their scalability leads to wide appeal, starting as small as a just a few solar panels (1 kW), to very large multi-roof projects on industrial buildings which comprise 10,000s of panels, sometimes exceeding 1MW in size. This makes it easy for investors of all sizes to fuel rapid growth in this market segment, but it also leads to high levels of complexity in the actual installations themselves.  Rooftop solar installations are often split amongst several arrays, have widely varying orientations, are often shaded, can be dirty and also experience different rates of degradation.

We have designed our rooftop solar product offering with these challenges in mind.  We offer a simple PV power conversion model, which connects our global, rapid-update cloud nowcasting system with the location and installed capacity of the target PV system.  We then generate an estimate of the future power output of each site, which you can instantly access via our API (including the ability to specify tilt, azimuth and a loss factor).

Rooftop Solar Forecasting for one or many thousands of PV sites!”

Whether you have a handful of PV sites of interest, or are managing a large portfolio of sites, the Rooftop Solar Forecast product was designed with scale in mind.  You can trial our forecasts free for your own rooftop test site now, using the Solcast API. The data is available in CSV, JSON or XML formats. HTML table and graph views are also available for inspection. The forecasts update every 10 or 15 minutes and extend to 7 days ahead.  At this time, this product offering is limited to 30 minute granularity (Want this to change? Let us know!)

Get started with rooftop solar forecasting now

You can get started now (have you signed up for our API?) by adding your site location, a name and a few basic details about its technical specifications.  Within minutes, we’ll have your forecasting tools ready for use with little hassle and no upfront costs to trial.  Once your rooftop site is setup in our system, you can take advantage of our proprietary tuning algorithms to improve your forecasts by sending us measurements via our API.

Are you a hobbyist developing some cool technology at home? If so, we'll offer you a free forecast for your home, contact us to talk about the details.

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