Real-time and historical rapid-update solar forecasting and historical data, globally available via API 

The Solcast API in action. Retrieve solar radiation forecasting and estimated actuals data globally on demand, wherever you need it. Including instant validation against our 1-hour ahead forecast.

Solcast’s operates a global 3rd generation weather satellite global cloud nowcasting system, which identifies, characterises and predicts cloud cover characteristics.  Altogether, Solcast pulls in data from five weather satellites, updating our data live, every 10-15 minutes, at high-resolutions (1-2km).  

This tremendous amount of data (billions of data points each day) pass through our  proprietary solar radiation and PV power conversion model to deliver a variety of data products focused on PV power output and solar irradiance data through a clearly documented and fully-supported API framework.   

The Solcast API Enables Users to Complete their Solar Mission

Our unique level of coverage, scalability, ease of access & integration has allowed Solcast to enable a broad set of users to complete their solar mission.  With the Solcast API service, our users:

  • Access forecast solar irradiance data anywhere in the world
  • Deploy, maintain and operate utility scale solar farms
  • Create grid aggregations that model tens to thousands to millions of PV systems for a set region or network asset
  • Utilise rooftop solar forecasting tools to optimise home energy use and storage

Try out the Solcast API service now!

You can get started with the Solcast API services in less than five minutes.  Sign-up now for our API and instantly access our global solar forecasting (0-7 days) and estimated actuals dataset (last 7 days).  You can also model and forecast utility scale solar farms, create your own grid aggregations and generate forecasts for individual rooftop PV sites trial upon request. 









H1: “Utility scale solar forecasting”

H2: “Solar power forecasting for solar farms and solar parks delivered via API.”

Globally the utility scale segment of the solar industry is growing at an exponential rate.  And while this is exciting for all of ur working toward the solar powered future, many challenges are created when operating these assets in our energy networks and markets.  One key enabling technology for successfully integrating these incredible volumes of new solar facilities into our electricity system is solar farm forecasting.


Solcast delivers on utility scale solar power forecasts through our global rapid update forecasting system to accurately track and forecast cloud cover and pairing that capability with our tuning technologies which learns the individual behaviours of each solar farm. 


Our rapid-update utility scale solar farm forecasts update every 10 or 15 minutes and extend out to 7 days ahead at 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute time granularity.  We operate this technology for thousands of utility scale solar farms around the globe, delivering forecasts via the Solcast API service.


Image Description:  Pictured here is a sample of our utility scale solar farm forecasting product, including live accuracy reporting as available via the Solcast API. The user can visually compare the SCADA actuals (orange) to the Solcast satellite-derived estimated actuals (blue line) and the Solcast forecasts (white grey line).

Image alt-tag: utility scale solar farm forecast



To take advantage of our tuning technology, you can POST your realtime SCADA data to the Solcast API service or simply provide us with an extract of 3-6 months of historical data.  


H2: Proven customer use cases for the utility scale solar farm forecasting include:


  • Solar farm operators reducing their market penalties and curtailment
  • Energy market operators modelling future solar farm uptake scenarios, and then grouping solar farm forecasts over a set region
  • Network service providers reviewing utility scale solar farm connection agreement with high-resolution historical data (5-10 minute)
  • Energy generators applying Solcast 0-7 day solar farm forecasting for the smart management of attached storage devices


If you use case includes very-short term forecasting or if you have a sky imager device operating onsite, we can update the first 60 minutes of the forecast every 1 minute through our super-rapid update product.  For this one, you’ll have to contact us for more information!


H2: Try out the utility scale solar farm forecasting product now!

You can trial our forecasts free for your own plant now, using the Solcast API (have you signed up yet?).  Get started now with our simplified data requirements, just add your site location, a name and a few basic details about its technical specifications, and we’ll have your forecasting tools ready for use with little hassle and no upfront costs to trial. The data is available in CSV, JSON or XML formats. 


Once your utility scale solar site is setup in our system, you can send us an upload of recent historical data from your solar farm to take advantage of our proprietary tuning algorithms to improve your forecasts. 


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