A guide on making API calls for Grid Aggregations.

Firstly, make sure you have a good understanding of our Grid Aggregations product:

Secondly, log on to the Solcast API Toolkit and navigate to the Grid Aggregation(s) of interest.  The purpose of the API Toolkit is to help you generate the API calls you need and to quickly test out the file formats and types (e.g. download a CSV).  

Grid Aggregations API Calls in the API Toolkit:

Third, choose the data you require from the Grid Aggregation.  Do you need Live (last 7 days) or Forecast (next 7 days) data? What resolution? What file format?  Select your preferences, then, the API call for retrieving the data will appear in the "API" field in the bottom of the Download section.

You can try out this call by cutting & pasting it into you web browser.  If the data looks good, then this is what you share with your IT team to automate retrieval!

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