Solcast's Historical Time Series and TMY data is available in multiple formats including PVSyst, SAM, TMY3 and the Solcast standard CSV format.

The Solcast standard CSV format includes the following parameters and units of measurement:

  1. Air Temperature (TEMP, °C): The air temperature (2 meters above ground level).
  2. Dewpoint Temperature (DWPT, °C): The air dewpoint temperature (2 meters above ground level).
  3. Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DIF, DHI, W/m2): The horizontal component of diffuse irradiance (irradiance that is scattered by the atmosphere).
  4. Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI, W/m2): Solar irradiance arriving in a direct line from the sun as measured on a surface held perpendicular to the sun.
  5. Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI, W/m2): The total irradiance received on a horizontal surface. It is the sum of the horizontal components of direct (beam) and diffuse irradiance.
  6. Precipitable Water (PWAT, kg/m2): The total column preciptable water content.
  7. Relative Humidity (RH, %): The air relative humidity (2 meters above ground level).
  8. Snow Depth (DWPT, cm): The snow depth liquid-water-equivalent.
  9. Surface Pressure (AP, hPa): The air pressure at ground level.
  10. Wind Direction (WD, °): The wind direction (10 meters above ground level). This is the meteorological convention. 0 is a northerly (from the north); 90 is an easterly (from the east); 180 is a southerly (from the south); 270 is a westerly (from the west).
  11. Wind speed (WS, m/s): The wind speed (10 meters above ground level).

Visit our web site to view all our data samples and download a sample Solcast standard CSV format.

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