First off, you can always find the latest pricing information about our services at:

Secondly, if you're new to the Solcast API services, you'll see we have a 'sites based' pricing model.  If your use case is well suited for using data from set locations, you can try out our pricing calculator at the bottom of each data product page to get a quick estimate of monthly costs.

However, if you have a more flexible data requirement, perhaps for a moving target or a very large number of sites, you should take a look at our 'latitude and longitude' based 'simple' API products, whose pricing was announced in September 2019 here:

You'll see you pay a fixed monthly cost for 10,000 API calls, and then a very small increase in monthly costs per additional 10,000 API calls.

If you still have questions about pricing after reviewing our pricing pages, please send us another message and let us know what is unclear!

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