Thanks for checking out the Solcast API, we're delighted you're looking into what data you can have to 'play' around with.

For 'commercial' users who have just found our API services and want to do some development work against our data, we offer 10 free calls/day via our 'Free' tier offering (more information at:  This also includes an initial budget of 1000 API calls to help get you started.

Can I access more than 10 requests/day under a free account?

No. You'll need to upgrade to a "Paid" tier account.  Our pricing model is 'pay to play', in that you'll start off with an initial fee ($370) for the first 10,000 API calls, but the next 10,000 calls are only ~$20 each.  Please see the 'pricing' page for the latest information. 

Tell me more about my other FREE account options? 

We offer free data access for researchers.  We also offer free data for hobbyists who have a home PV system and want to build cool things. To access these, you must register as a 'researcher' or 'home PV system'  account type upon registration (see reference images and terms below).

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