API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. These are widely used for two-way communication of information. You use APIs all of the time on your smartphone, as your favourite apps upload and download information from 'the cloud'. 

Solcast offers a number of APIs so that you can access our live and forecast data in an automated fashion. This makes it ready for inclusion in your own application.

We also offer an easy to use API Toolkit for newcomers who aren't familiar with them, where you can download sample files from our API in their standard format for desktop analysis. 

In order to access our servers, you will need an API key, which is unique to your account.  You can find this in the 'Account' page once logged into the API Toolkit. You won't need the API Key while using the API Toolkit directly, but you will need it if you want to download our data from outside the API Toolkit (e.g. in your own software code).

If you are logged into the API Toolkit, you can find your API key here

You can find an example on how to make an API request in this article.

You can also find detailed instructions in our API documentation. 

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