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Hello Solcast

We are solar power generating firm based in India.. We operated 50 MWp of solar plants and need to provide forecasts of day-ahead plant power output data to our local power distribution company.

We are looking for forecast solar radiation data at 15 minute resolution. We would like to evaluate your solar radiation forecasts so that we can model the expected power output of our solar plants.

Once we have evaluated the quality and reliability of your data, we would like to purchase data from you on an ongoing basis.

Thanks & Regards,

[Customer in India]


Hello [Customer in India]

Solcast can certainly help you with your forecast requirement. 

In order to access our 15-minute resolution solar radiation data, you'll need to create a Utility Scale site. Your first step is to register for a commercial account in the Solcast API Toolkit, you can register here.

Your next step (after verifying your email address!) is to create that 'Utility Scale' site in the API Toolkit.  You'll need to select the location and provide some installation data about your plant to complete the set-up. 

Your forecast data will be ready ready straight away, which you can access for evaluation using the "Get the data" button that appears below the site card in the API Toolkit landing page. 

For your particular case, you're trying to access the solar radiation data at 15-minute resolution.  You need to select "Forecast", then use Type = "Weather" and a Time Granularity = "15".  Here's what that will look like:

Once you've done this, you can select the Format (JSON, CSV or XML) of the payload, and the API field will update with an example of what your API request would look like (for future automated retrieval of the forecasts directly, without using the API Toolkit - Read our Docs for more information).

Next, you can use the "Download" button to grab a sample forecast from the latest Rapid Update from our forecasting systems at your site. This will show you an exact sample of the data you'll receive from our API when you perform a GET request for your forecast site.  All of our forecasts extend out to 7 days ahead. 

Each Solcast commercial user can create one Utility Scale site for free, and make up to 10 API requests per day. If you need to create more than one site, you can start a 14-day trial and add as many sites as you wish, with up to 100 API requests per day, per site. By creating a Utility Scale site, you also have access to our PV Power forecasts at that site, and can upload your PV power measurements to improve the forecasting outcomes. 

Let us know if you have any questions!

The Solcast Team

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