Here is a guide to creating a new site and downloading forecasting data for that site from the API Toolkit

1. Create a 'site' - the API Toolkit operates around the concepts of 'sites'. Free tier users can add one of each site type (Solar Radiation, Utility Scale, Rooftop). To do this, simply login to the API Toolkit and select 'Add Site' on the landing page. Here's an example:

2. Download some data - Once you've created your own test site(s), you'll instantly be able to access both our live (now to -7days) and forecast data (out to +7 days), which update every 5-15 minutes with each new satellite scan. You can easily download some data in the format of your choice (CSV, XML, json) from the 'get the data' link that appears at the bottom of your new site on the landing page:

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