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What is "Simple" PV Power?
What is "Simple" PV Power?

What is the difference between The World API 'PV Estimate' or 'PV Power' and your other solar power forecasting products? Why 'Simple'?

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Simple PV Power refers to the PV Power Output estimated actuals and forecast data produced by The World API. We use the term 'Simple' to differentiate the capabilities of the PV power model as compared to our other, more advanced products (Utility Scale, Rooftop Sites).

Simple PV Power does not mean the forecasting data is less accurate or less robust than our more specialised products. Instead, it means exactly what it sounds like - it is a simplified model.

Many use cases for solar forecasting or real-time data modelling do not require precise forecasting outputs, and a high quality, quick & easy estimate is suitable. These are the types of applications for which The World API PV Power data are best used.

We discuss how the PV Power estimates in The World API work in this more detailed article here if you want extra information on how the modelling works.

In summary, this product produces 'Simple' PV Power estimates because it:

  • requires very few inputs (tilt, azimuth, capacity, loss factor)

  • does not utilise any of the advanced PV modelling tools

  • only offers 30 minute resolution data

You can find specific information about each of the inputs The World API PV Power model requires in the Solcast API documentation

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