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Downloading World API Data
Downloading World API Data

What file formats are available? Can I get a CSV file? How do I download data from the API?

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The World API feature in the API Toolkit is meant to guide you through the preliminary steps of accessing Live and/or Forecast data for your locations of interest. Once you've selected a location of interest using the map and/or location search., you'll see a real-time update to the API data in the preview graph.

Your next step is to use the "Download Data" button

Then select your desired data type (Live or Forecast)

You'll note that there are three files types available. These are CSV, JSON and XML. If these terms are not obvious to you, choose the CSV file. A CSV file can be opened and ready very easily by many different software options.

If you'd like to see the API call that the API Toolkit made for you, you can find it in your 'Recent Requests' - just select "Copy API URL".

If you succeeded with the 'Download Data' step, you can open the file locally and review the parameters included. Read more about these parameters in this article and please be aware, all data are timestamped in UTC!

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