As of March 2021, we have decommissioned PV Tuning as a commercial offering. This means that home PV system accounts will no longer have access to PV Tuning.

We still want to support users like you with high quality solar forecasts, so we've added the ability for you to add a second PV site (at the same location) in order to improve the accuracy of the forecasts you receive. This is meant to accomodate users with split-array systems, which were previously accounted for via PV Tuning.

If you have a split array system, simply create two sites (one for each sub-array), and then sum the power values produced by each to find the total power output from your system.

If your site was previously 'tuned', it will remain that way, and you do not need to take any further action. If you would like to remove the tuning data, simply delete your site, and create another one to start over.

If you have seasonal shading issues at your location, you can use the 'efficiency factor' setting to adjust your site across the year. This can be accomplished by increasing or decreasing the efficiency factor until the forecast generation best matches the actual generation at your site.

Lastly, since you will need more API calls for your second site, we are also now providing home PV system accounts with 50 API calls per day.

Thanks for being a Solcast home PV system user! We hope these changes are valuable in your efforts to predict the solar generation at your home.

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