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Do you offer limited trial access?
Do you offer limited trial access?

Can I have limited trial access? Do you offer a free trial? How can I test the World API without paying?

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To support your testing, evaluation and integration to The World API, your first month is free.

This means you'll have full access to The World API, without rate limiting. This will provide you the standard 10,000 API calls per month.

Each API call for forecasts provides you the latest forecast data, out to 7 days ahead.

Each API call for live data, provides you the estimated actuals data for the past 7 days.

Each API endpoint is updating on our Rapid Update cycle, meaning new data is available every 5-15 minutes depending on your location.

For users who are interested in the larger data volumes and 24/7 support services available through our Enterprise solutions we may offer expanded trial access.

Contact us for more information, and our friendly sales team will reply quickly to your unique request.

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