Satellite data outages happen. Not often, but occasionally. For any given region of our Rapid Update coverage zones, there will likely be a handful of times per year where we don't have cloud imagery for a small time period.

These 'gaps' in satellite coverage are often only a few hours in duration, but may last for a few days in rare circumstances. When this occurs, there will be 'gaps' in our estimated actuals World API data, where there is no available data for a set of time-stamps.

Common user questions about these data gaps:

Q: Will the data be backfilled automatically after some time? So is it worth trying again the next day if there was missing data?

A: No the gaps are not filled at a later date.

Q: Can we fill these datagaps by accessing one of your other APIs?

A: We do not offer any way to programmatically fill data gaps at this stage.

Q: Is there a way to fill these gaps manually? What would be your recommendation on how to do this?

A: You can use the Historical data product - Time Series, and make an order using our historical request form to fill the gaps. Note that this will incur additional costs.

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