If you're ready to upgrade to one of our Paid plans, or if you need to change an existing subscription, you can use our 'manage subscription' page in the API Toolkit.

Historical data subscriptions for TMY P50, Monthly Averages and Time-series data are available on a monthly basis, with no lock-in contracts.

This means you can change your subscription status at anytime.

How Manage Subscriptions

Once you're logged into the API Toolkit, use the 'account' drop down menu at top-right (pictured)

From there, select "Manage subscription", this will land you at the subscription management page, where you can find your "Historical and TMY Plans" (pictured).

If it is your first time access a given product, you'll see an option to "Add plan" (pictured below)

If you need to change an existing subscription, you'll need to select "Change plan"

If you have any questions or any problems with changing your subscription status, start a chat with us, and our friendly sales team will be quick to respond!

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