How do I start a subscription?

There are several ways to start a new subscription. The easiest method is through the prompting provided by the API Toolkit.

For example, on the World API page in the API Toolkit, you can select to 'Upgrade Now' using the provided prompt (see below).

You can also directly manage your subscription in the API Toolkit subscription management page located here.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription on the API Toolkit subscription management page located here.

Be sure to do so before your billing date, to avoid being charged for the next month of access

How long is my subscription for?

All subscriptions are monthly, and coincide with the day of the month you begin your subscription.

If you start a new subscription on 25 April, this is your billing date.

For Live & Forecast data products, you won't be charged for the first month (that is provide for free, read more here).

You'll first be charged on 25 May and the 25th of each month thereafter.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

There is no 'upgrade' option for the World API, instead, you'll be granted an additional 10k API requests when you exhaust your initial allotment.

These are provided for $20USD for each 10k allotment. Read more about that in the section "What if I need additional API calls?" below.

For Utility Scale sites, 'upgrades' to your account occur when you need to add additional sites to your subscription.

You can manage how many sites you have access to at the API Toolkit subscription management page located here.

When will my credit card be charged?

Our monthly billing system for live & forecast data products (World API, Utility Scale) will charge your credit card once per month on a specific day of the month.

The day of the month you will be charged depends on the day you started the subscription.

For example, a user starts a World API subscription on the 15th of September. They enjoy a free month of full access to the data product.

On the 15th of October, their credit card will be charged $370 (base price) for the next monthly period.

Is payment in advance or in arrears?

Payments for live & forecast product subscriptions are in advance - meaning you pay for them upfront at the start of the subscription period.

Payments for extra API calls occur in arrears, meaning they are billed in the following payment.

For example, a World API customer who starts a subscription on 12 February will enjoy a free month of access to the product.

Then on 12 March, they will be charged the base price ($370) for the next month of access.

What if I need additional API calls?

Continuing with the above example, if this customer required more than 10k API requests in the month starting from 12 March (the number of API requests included in the base price), they will then receive allotments of 10k more API requests for $20 each as needed.

In this example, if the user required 25k API requests during the month starting from 12 May, they would be charged $40 on 12 April (two allotments of 10k extra API calls).

The would also then be charged $370 for the month starting 12 April, making their total monthly bill $410.

When do my API requests renew?

API requests renew on your billing date. You can check your current balance on the API Toolkit subscription management page.

Is there a free trial? Is my first month free?

Subscriptions to the World API and Utility Scale data products include a free month.

When you start your subscription, you will not be charged until the following month.

Charges to your credit card will occur according to the above examples, a month to the day after you started your subscription and on the same day of the month thereafter.

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