How do I start a subscription?

There are several ways to start a new subscription. The easiest method is through the prompting provided by the API Toolkit.

When you first access one of our Historical and TMY data products, you'll be prompted to select your subscription status.

Most often, users will elect to start on the Free tier subscription for the product of their choice. You'll make this selection using the pop-up modal which appears when you first access the data product of interest.

When will my credit card be charged?

Our monthly billing system for Historical and TMY data products (TMY, Time Series, Monthly Averages) will charge your credit card once per month on a specific day of the month.

The day of the month you will be charged depends on the day you started the subscription.

For example, a user starts a TMY P50 subscription on the 9th of September. They are charged for their plan in advance, meaning their credit card will be charged on the 9th of September.

How do I upgrade? (What if I need more requests?)

When using the API Toolkit to make a request, you'll be shown the number of requests you have remaining on your account.

You'll also be given the option to 'Upgrade Now' (as shown below), if you need additional requests.

You can also manage upgrades directly in the API Toolkit subscription management page here.

How does upgrade billing work?

If you elect to upgrade your plan during the billing cycle, we'll credit the remainder of your current plan towards the cost of the new plan (which is pro-rated according to the number of days remaining in the billing cycle).

You'll be charge for the difference at the time of the upgrade.

The following is an example of the upgrade process works in practice:

A user starts off on a Paid plan for TMY P50 at $49/month on 1 August.

They enjoy it for a few months and then decide to upgrade to the "Pro" plan at $250/month on 10 October.

They've now had a $49 TMY P50 subscription active for 10 days and will receive credit for remaining ~20 days of their Paid plan which is applied to their new Pro plan.

Additionally, the Pro plan will also be discounted, with the user only charged for the remaining ~20 days of the billing period. This charge will be effective immediately.

The customer's billing date will remain the same.

This means that on 1 November, they will be charged in full for the next month's Pro plan ($250/month).

When do my requests renew?

API requests renew on your billing date. You can check your current balance on the API Toolkit subscription management page.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is easy. Simply visit the API Toolkit subscription management page here and select 'Cancel Subscription' for the plan you wish to end.

How long is my subscription for?

All subscriptions are monthly, and coincide with the day of the month you begin your subscription.

If you start a new subscription on 25 April, this is your billing date. You'll be charged on that date and again on 25 May and the 25th of each month thereafter.

Is there a free trial?

There is no free trial for historical data products.

There is a free tier subscription, however.

This will provide you a monthly allotment of requests for the historical data product of your choice.

You can review your options on the pricing page or in the API Toolkit (simply select the data product you'd like to try and follow the in-browser prompts).

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